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Professional Background & Career

Beeing a physicist with a PhD in semiconductor physics and electronic devices, I used to work from the year 2000 until 2008 for Infineon Technologies and Qimonda, initially as a Product Marketing Manager, later as Head of Sales Europe. My final position before leaving Qimonda end of June 2008 was world-wide head of Product Marketing for graphics products. In 2009, my career got a completely different spin when I started at Hilti Deutschland as a sales head for the industrial segment. Like in all the other positions I held in my career, I learned alot during this time... however - also good things sometimes come to an end.

Since May 2010 I'm now working as a consultant and trainer for sales and marketing. With my company Pegaron Consulting I mainly worki with mid-sized companies on increaseing the efficiency of their product-to-market process and makeing their sales & marketing forces fit for today's competitive situation.

What else? A book!

Besides nearly 30 scientific papers on semiconductor nanostructures, mid-infrared devices and power electronics, my publications portfolio contains two patents, a thesis - of couse - and a book. Published in 2003, the subject is a non-scientific one: Internet for beginners. A little outdated by now, but if you're interested - you still can find it at Amazon...


From this page's main picture you'll already have concluded that I'm a sailor... my big passion is the sea. Besides jolly-boat sailing on Bavaria's beautiful lakes, I greatly enjoy to skipper yachts whereever it's nice & beautiful. By-and-by I'll post trip reports on this web page, if interested - spend a look from time to time.

My other passion is horses. With nearly 21 year, Delgardo is now retired and thus dressage work has ended. He enjoys to go onto his pasture daily and takes long walks into the woods with me.